For almost 20 years TMA has been working for you.

When it comes to decommissioning, we have you covered. Whether it's high tech manufacturing facility like Sun Micro Systems, Bio Med or the move out of a single tenant.   Green? You bet  we maintain a 85% recycle / recovery rate...Higher if required.



​Have a Project here or offshore that you don't have time or resources to handle yourself?  Moving that manufacturing offshore?  Worry about the safety  standards and record that may follow your products home?  We can help.  We have contacts worldwide and can help you monitor, report or verify your offshore exposure.


​Helping Businesses, Contractors and Building owners, get their projects done creatively.    We provide resources that fill the gap between employees and  Subcontractors. Want to be Green? We can help! Asset redirection takes re-purposing to a new level! Need something moved, inspected or disposed of,  we can handle it!

TMA simply gets it done.   And frankly there isn’t a lot of time for ‘notice’ in the construction business overall; let alone the decommissioning phase.  But with one call, TMA mobilizes; moves quickly and efficiently; without problems or change orders.  EVER.  Simply put, you won’t need anybody else!”. 
David  D.   contractor client/customer

We are developing land in Northern Thailand, TMA came to help us model our plan and set the standards for construction by local contractors.  TMA even helped with the shipping/import of key components not available in SE Asia. 

Edward Holland Jr Atty (ret)  Chiang Rai, Thailand    Builder/Client

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